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Finding a job during a pandemic

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

The year 2020 will be forever imbedded in our minds and lives. So much of what we considered normal has changed, especially within the workforce. Our current state has employees working remotely (if you’re lucky). Frontline and essential workers continue to save lives daily as well as keep our communities safe and functioning. Some employees have returned to the office part-time, educators and children are learning virtually while parents are trying to find a balance between work and home schooling.

The COVID -19 has affected the operations of corporate America and local businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses have permanently closed their doors or downsized by laying off their workforce. I know, during these trying times, the last thing you want to think about is looking for a new job. But I’m here to tell you, don’t be discourage because companies are still hiring. There are ways to find a job during a pandemic but you have to be consistent and stay the course.

Here are some tips to guide you through your job search.


First, you want to ensure that your resume is the best representation of your professional experience. Your resume should always be up to date, if it’s not, now is the time. Your resume should be customized for each job you are applying to and incorporate keywords from the job posting such as job title, responsibilities and skills. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments. This is your time to shine.

Target your job search

Streamlining your job search is key. Create a one-page document that lists your target industry, companies, job titles, and anything in particular you are looking for from your next employer. This list will come in handy when you need to follow-up with an employer but can’t seem to remember where you sent your resume.

Where are the job openings?

You’ve been furloughed or your job has been eliminated and you were with your previous company for 30 years. Looking for a job today is different than looking for a job 30 years ago. Today, online platforms are the best way to search for a job. You can find job openings through online job board platforms such,

and the like. Keep in mind, when applying to jobs, your resume will go through software (Applicant Tracking System also known as ATS) to determine how well you will fit the qualifications for the job opening.

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, please go to and create one. LinkedIn is an online platform that connects you with business professionals. Essentially, your LinkedIn profile should mirror your resume.

You can also send your resume to a staffing agency where recruiters can assist you in finding a job. They will schedule an interview with you to understand what type of job you are looking for and discuss what jobs they have available with employers.


Lastly, do not hesitate to reach out to people in your circle. Your own connections may know of job openings and may be willing to help. Additionally, you can find professional groups in your industry on LinkedIn and Facebook. Both social media platforms offer options with groups in every profession.

My hope is you find this information helpful. Please note, this is not an all-inclusive list but a great way to jump start your search. Always remember you got this! Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Also, feel free to email me at with any questions or join our mailing list at Happy hunting!

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Jenhai Challenger
Jenhai Challenger
Feb 24, 2021

Such an insightful article. Thanks for the tips, I'll make sure to share with those searching for employment.

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